Modern versatile style
and everyday-proof functionality

Aesthetics inspired by the most advanced trends in interior design, extreme attention to details, deep attention to technical aspects, ample possibilities for customization: our mirror collections represent exactly this.

Each Elma model describes a journey made up of ideas, intuitions, experiments and challenges faced and overcome. Our goal is to enhance the environment that hosts the mirror, through an unmistakable note of style, to guarantee advanced functionality and to ensure durability.


The perfection and harmony of the circular shape inspire this collection of mirrors, made in different versions. With or without a round light band that is also like an oblique or horizontal segment.
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A collection of mirrors with and without luminous band, characterized by an oval shape, with elegantly sweet, full and harmonious lines. They are also very suitable for installation in pairs, playing with the combination of verticality and horizontality.
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Mirrors with metal structure, round shape, with and without perimeter sandblasting band, designed to be positioned both suspended and resting. Ideal for both, bathroom and living spaces. Thickness of the frame 45 cm or 60 cm.
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Metallic – Custom

A collection of mirrors with a metal structure in several versions of different shapes, from oval to rectangle, passing through the circle and the hexagon. Illuminated or simple, they lend themselves to being personalized in dimensions or like an "industrial" style revival.
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Room light

Mirrors with an elegant minimal design. The backlighting, that “frames” the edges, gives a touch of contemporary refinement to surrounding furniture.
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Light face

The protagonist of this collection of mirrors is the luminous band that delimits one, or more sides, depending on the version. The model can be customized according to the design of the bathroom furnishings.
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A collection of mirrors characterized by a pair of high luminous efficiency sandblasted bands, a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Purity of lines and material accents introduce a new concept of beauty in the bathroom.
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A characteristic sign in this collection is the presence of a luminous band near the edges. A series of very versatile solutions of style, which can be combined with the most diverse bathroom compositions.
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Mirrors with one or more light bands on the upper, lower or lateral outer edges, dedicated to the contemporary bathroom environment, which favors formal simplicity and focuses on detail with a strong personality.
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Light face & wall

A series of mirrors with backlit sandblasted perimeter, as a sort of luminous frame that allows the light to radiate both frontally and in the surrounding environment.
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Mirrors without lighting, with clean and essential lines, presented in numerous shapes to satisfy different needs. The Basic mirrors can all be equipped with lamps, for the installation of which pre-drilling is not necessary. They they are handy thanks to their lightness.
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Magnifying mirror Ø14 cm integrated into the mirror specially shaped for its insertion.
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Magnifying mirror kit consisting of a plastic case with magnetic part and a metal sheet. Applicable on any mirror with a maximum thickness of 5 mm. There is also the possibility of increasing the magnetic surface on the back of the mirror, using multiple sheets of 40x15 cm each.
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Magnifying mirror for application on the edge of mirrors (with a maximum thickness of 5 mm), or in storage units or for wall mounting.
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